My story of fasting.

I been fasting for a long time, and most people will immediately think is it a way to lose weight the short answer is yes and no. I personally do it for other health benefits, here is a little story, I been in a wheelchair for over 20 years, I love to eat, but I also love to work out, when I got shot in 1995 I was about 220 lbs. (100 kg) at the time I was a martial artist and a  very  active man full of energy. My life changed overnight that Friday night in February of 1995, I would become wheelchair bound, and my activity would go to zero. Continue reading “My story of fasting.”

sport and parasport

Sports, sports, para-sports.

Well the Paralympics are almost here so I am going to write a little about sports, a small introduction of me is needed in this aspect, I been doing sports for a long time, to be exact 37 years (I know I don’t look that old, but I am a lot older, so I’ll take the compliment that I am young 🙂 ) I started doing martial arts ever since I remember but I started understanding it at around age of  7, before that I was the kicking bag for my brothers, as you know or not, I am the 7 son, yep that little lady you all know had 10 kids, well family tree will be another blog in the future.

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Traveling Monte Negro in a wheelchair

I travel quite a bit,  since I am writing a blog, I figured I should include my travels. As you know (or not) I’m a wheelchair user—a high paraplegic. Put simply, I need a lot of things in order to commute, travel, and in general, live. But I won’t bore you with specifics here.  Continue reading “Traveling Monte Negro in a wheelchair”

The unsung story of heroes

This story made me realize that always could be worst or better, this example is better than mine.

The unsung story of heroes

Writen by P.A. MacDonld, Reprinted/Translated with permission from the Canadian Paraplegic Association(Manitoba) Inc.

(Link:       p-13 to p-15.

I hope you have all had an excellent summer this year. I learned a few things I never knew before.
If the Humidex value in a closed room exceeds 40° C, cheap bar soap melts and wallpaper peels! Continue reading “The unsung story of heroes”