Living full throttle.

Living full throttle

About 7 months ago I was called by a friend and asked if I would be interested in taking a class about photography, movie making and editing.

to tell you the truth I was a little skeptic about it, with my experience in projects here I was not sure if this was going to be a waste of my time, as the life has is sometimes this was a new chapter in my life, so I said what the hell let’s try it and if it’s like the rest of the projects it will be the last.

Today many months later and many hrs of work study and more study, I am truly thankful that I did take the time, not only did I learn something from some great professors, lecturers, photographers, editors, screen writers, but I made some life time friends starting with my colleagues that I made the movie with, professors that thought us and a great number of guest speakers that came over the 7 months.

this project was financed by employment bureau(ZZCG) the company that got it is called GlobalSoft Monte Negro, I am thankful to them, I will not bore you with specifics if you have any question please contact me.

Mickey, Saša, Dusan, Ivan and me.

Sometimes in August we got together and the group looked interesting, Miki who is the oldest, is the artist as you will see in the movie, Ivan is our movie and music info master including motorcycles and cars, Sasa our youngest is the most valuable member and also our navigator, in the movie you see only 4 guys, but there was a fifth who is the head of everything, that is Dusan the psychologist. He was in charge of making peace among the crew until the end which he did most admirably.

When we got the curriculum, I was like wow this looks really top notch, we would learn  about photography in and out, as it turns out the Professor for this would be Relja, I am glad to have meet this person whom today I call my little brother , he has opened our eyes and now we see with eyes of artists, this was not easy, I speak of myself,  I was a little rough at the edges as they say, never really looked at what I was taking a picture of, Apparatus, shutter speed, exposure was French to me then.

Today I look at every picture with different eyes, my pictures have improved and look like a master has taken them, the road was long, hours long , we visited many galleries all over the country and abroad, spent countless hours talking picture, watching movies and discussing them, his supervision was god sent, I watch movies different now, with my own ideas, how would I do this or that, I am young at this but as many of you know, I do many things well, with love and compassion.

One day you might just see a movie I made, who knows maybe my own story, when that day comes know that the person that opened my eyes in this subject was Relja, little brother as  I can now call you, since the project is over, I thank you from the bottom of the heart.

me, Saša, Relja, Mickey and Ivan

The next subject we studied was movie and movie  editing, that was Professor Ziko’s  (Ivan) Domain, most people think it’s easy to make a movie, well that is totally not right, it is easy to watch a movie, but making it is a long process that takes a whole bunch of people, working together as one, even when you have a crew, that’s not all, the most important thing is the idea, if you don’t have a good idea I don’t care who you got the movie is going to be weak.

Ivan(Ziko) and Relja.

In order to make any movie, there have to be a whole bunch of things done, but before you can even start, you have to know photography first, when you know that then you can begin using the camera, when the shooting begins you have to be ready for hours and hours of repeats, when you think you got it all believe me you don’t, so Ziko gave me a advice,“ take a lot of close shoots and details” well when the time for editing came man o man, did I wish we listened more, we had around 150 gigabytes of material and we needed more.

When you watch a movie be thankful to that one guy who sits in a dark room with a big monitor or two or three and does all this work that most people don’t even notice, Ziko was also  godsend to us, he was there for us 24 hrs a day, just like Relja, this two guys with all they friends who are now our friends, are responsible for this movie and any future movie or photography  you will see that we make, I am thankful to have meet you, now I count you also as family and look forward to working, drinking and making jokes for a long time.

We had many guests that came and shared they knowledge with us, one of the most known Film Director in this part of the world Momir Matovic came and shared some gems with us, we remain humbled by this experience.

Sasa,Relja, Momir Matovic,Mickey,Ivan and me.

Obrad Nenezic (screenwriter) was there for us from the beginning and is still there we are truly blessed with all this great people to be a part of our enhancement.

Drasko Djurovic(Film Director) came by and shared some of his knowledge we watched his movie Ace of spades ( with Michael Madsen )

Sinisa Adamovic, Aleksandar Sasa Gajic,Zeljko Bracanovic,Balsa Gobovic and all others that helped us in this movie and all the future movies that we will make


The way I see it it’s like magic you take a whole bunch of raw material and make it into a story, depending on the quality of many things the movie will be good or not, to have a good one you need a good cameraman, but before that you need the Idea ( thank you Obrad for your valuable time) then you need a screen writer, the list goes on and on, I will not go into detail here, but there is a lot of work, before it all comes to the Editor, the way I understand editing takes about the same time as recording, and most of all if the editing is done bad the movie will suck.

Me and the guys wanted to make a movie and we had a lot of ideas, after many hours we decided to make a movie about me, just a short one showing all the things I do in daily bases, when you see the movie think of this, seven months before, none of us had any idea about making a movie, we did the scenario, all the video, audio, planning and when we had all the raw material we did the editing, sure our professors kept an eye on all of it, when stuff did not go, they gave us advice what to do, after many hours and little sleep on Feb 26 2018 the movie was ready.

I think that it was good, watching it many times, I seen some mistakes, and in the months after I fixed some and probably will find some more, did the translation and subtitles, so my family and friends can watch it, please be patient cause we are thinking of sending it in some Festivals, so we cannot show it in public yet, my brother John opened a Vimeo account for me so I will put it there so you can see it, all in all its getting there and hope that we will be in some festivals this summer and fall, once  done it will be on Vimeo, so I will let you know how to watch it and please let me know what you think? It matters to me even if it’s a critic, and if you like it then I will be happy.

My life has been interesting and just the other day I was thinking, that even with all the ups and downs, I am happy and would not change a thing, well maybe the pain can be a little less , thank you for sharing this time with me my dear reader, as always may the sun be on your back, wind on your face, smiling always and sharing this beautiful thing we call life, YES life is good.

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