Smile is the best medicine.

Most of the people know me as a smiling person, sometimes i can see
people looking at me and probably thinking what is wrong with this dude,
unfortunately we live in a time when smiling is considered wrong,
not too long ago a friend of mine told me to write a new blog and here it is.

Long time ago I learned that being unhappy does not really serve any purpose,when I was young I always smiled, I mean always. I think that some unknown force we yet don’t understand, was guiding me in certain way,i was real visual and  could visualize all kinds of stuff, most of it was some kind a warrior stuff,  and I read a lot over the years, and most of the warrior stories had some part  of sadness in them,so i would visualize a better ending, a happy one no matter the outcome i would make it happy.

me and my mom about 10 years a go.
I often looked at my mom and she was always happy, so maybe she influenced me to become a smiling person that i am today,I often laugh at something ,most of the  times at nothing in particular, in my youth a friend used to call me, “Mannequin”
First time i got offended, but he was my friend and eventually he told me why, he said  ” did you ever see a model frowning or mad, No cause they learn to keep smiling, not knowing when someone will take a picture and they want to always look happy and good,  you are like that always smiling , maybe you should have been a model.”
This was around the 90’s, he is no longer with us so RIP Big Bash,
my friend see you in afterlife.

There is a saying in my land “He who smiles plots no evil”


I believe that to truly understand life one must have first tasted the heartache, then he can understand happiness, this is my own thoughts, so please don’t take it  as a law or scripture or whatever, it is what I believe, I grew up in a big family, seventh son, 3 sisters, when I think back we lived a happy life, we didn’t have much but it was enough, now when I look back we had more than most, had food on our table,clothes on our backs, a roof on top of our heads,  we didn’t have iPhones and ipads, PlayStation and such,we had a TV with 2 channels, I remember winters with a lot of snow, 6 feet and more, me and my brother Danny  would clean the snow around our house and everyone else’s house, and would do it
smiling and laughing.

I came to learn that my older brothers did this before me, it was customary to do this kind of stuff, I know the young people will probably be surprised at this, but yes money was not a big thing for us, we had none and needed none, we are from  the old line of people, and believe that one should always help their neighbors, especially the old, woman and children, in my village there was more older people and woman then young boys like me and my brothers, so when winter came,
we were the force, we cleaned and shoveled the snow with a gusto ,
it was a happy and cheerful time for us, I sit often and reminisce the old times.
Soon after my brother would go to US,I would be left with my mom and dad,  the job would be left to me, I did it with eagerness, not just winter but summer work, I did it all, I was a Shepherd, I tilled the land, grew potatoes, corn, beans and all kinds of vegetables and fruits, always with a smile in my face, I look at the  people now days and feel bad for them, kids have everything and appreciate nothing,  people have no smiles in their faces, it used to be nice when we get together and talk, now we get together and look in our phones, communications have become without
emotions with letters instead of smiles and laughs, we use icons to show emotions, laugh seldom, talk less, touch even less.

Back to smiling and happiness, I find myself asking always , what is making me sad, why am I so worried about people around me, what can I do to change any of it, well if I was staying mad and frowning all day how would that help me or any one, well it will not, so I learned a long time ago, as Buddhism teaches one should always give gifts to people and not just the ones you know, but any one  even the stranger in the street. Most people misunderstand gifts  and associate it with material stuff, a gift can be a smile a good word etc.,

So a smile is a gift, give them to people you care for and the ones you don’t care, it doesn’t  cost you anything but It can change someone’s life.


With my niece Nora, she has the most beautiful smile in the world.
Here something from -The Alternative Daily

Smiling is the perfect pick-me up.
There is some brain activity happening when you show your pearly whites.
Even if you smile when you’re unhappy, your brain can’t help but send out
signals telling you otherwise.

So, if you’re feeling blue, just smile. Your brain will do the rest.

Smiling makes others happy
When you smile, people smile back at you. They can’t help it:                        it’s contagious!
So make someone happy… smile.

Smiling makes you look more attractive
We smile when we get our picture taken, because we feel we look our best and our happiest.
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of American adults believe that their smiles make them more attractive to the opposite sex.
So, if you’re looking for date, just keep smiling. Someone is sure to notice you.

Smiling reduces stress
Smiling helps you out when you’re feeling anxious. Remember, when you smile it triggers the brain to send out those happy signals. With that, your breathing and your heart rate will begin to slow down.

Smiling can lead to laughter
It is impossible not to smile when you’re laughing! Laughter has so many health benefits.
You will get a mini abs workout, send more oxygen to your brain, and potentially lower your blood pressure,
improve your sleep, and lower your blood sugar.Laughter also triggers brain activity by releasing endorphin’s.
These natural chemicals help us feel positive. Smiling and laughing is a win-win activity.

Smiling helps you appear confident
When you’re going on a job interview, you have to look the part. You wear your best clothes, but remember, like the song goes, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. Smiling people seem to be more confidant,
and they are more likely to get promoted.

Smiling makes you look younger
The fact is, you use more muscles frowning than you do smiling. Frowning crinkles your eyes and draws your mouth down,
creating a grumpy look. When you smile your face is lifted, and it gives you the appearance of being younger.
Who wouldn’t want that? You can actually smile years away without any plastic surgery.

So next time you or someone else needs a pick-me-up, remember to smile! It’s free!

-The Alternative Daily



now this is a Picture full of smiles, love my family.

As seen from the article above smiling is great for you and the people around you, so smile live and be happy, life is short and in the end we take nothing with us, except our memories, let’s make them good, and I know when my time comes people will at least remember my smile if nothing else.

Think about it what do you want to be remembered for, a smiling happy person, who made every one smile or someone that everyone avoided and didn’t want to see.

Always smile.
Thank you Biljana for the kind words, this Blog is dedicated to you, may you always smile and be happy, and you my dear reader I am sending a big smile your way in hope that you will send me one back, with this the blog has ended for now see you on the next one.

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  1. Ambroz, I remember when you would come to visit Vera! You WERE always with a smile! This is a wonderful piece of writing and makes us all aware how important it is to SMILE! .. Thank you for this article… xoxo Rhona – Vera’s neighbor from the Bronx

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