Stronger then the stone.

I would like to write about my second hospitalization, it was after my fall that happened sometimes around middle of July 2016, well it happened like this, while I was rolling out of the bathroom, my mind wondering somewhere!!  I fell backwards and hit my head in the floor, I was out for some time, don’t know how long, but when I came back, I felt as I been hit by a electric shock, been there before, but that’s another story, I could not move, so I was thinking to myself ‘ my god not this’ but slowly feelings came back and I started feeling my hands,  slowly I got my head and rest of the body feeling OK ( rest of the body I mean the 25 % of it  since I am a high level paraplegic)

well I made nothing of this and this would cost me greatly, for the next few weeks, I will experience some crazy stuff, I will have a head ache for the whole time,  would consult a few doctors about it but it will all go unnoticed, my head felt as I had a cold of some kind, well it was not a cold as the story would tell, I would have a big problem with memory, I would have plenty of signs that something is wrong, but would heed none of it, one day when I got into my car I got an electric shock feeling on my face and made nothing of it,  that day I got this feeling, that I need to go back to Podgorica, since I was at my home in the mountains, the next few days would be crazy, I would do a series of very uncharacteristic things that my friend would pick up and in doing so save my life.

Coming to Podgorica.

I would drive 3 hrs thru the canyon of Morača by myself, not knowing that I did so, then come to Podgorica, and begin my journey  that would land me in the hospital without me noticing, I was driving on “Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog”  which is a two way street divided by a median divider,   I would end up on the wrong side of the street  driving against the traffic, my friend Tommy would tell me to stop, to my surprise, now that I think about it, I did stop and he drove home, to this day I am surprised at myself, first of all I am hard headed and stubborn, but I did stop and let him drive, I don’t remember any of it, I would spend the next few days in total Amnesia,  my friend took me to the hospital (Clinical Center of Montenegro) but they didn’t do anything except told me to go home, any how the whole day and that night I would spend home, the next day I would somehow call Tommy and tell him to come, he came and found me in the floor, my chair in the bedroom over turned, I have no idea how I made it from my bedroom to the door, its about 15 yards, not much but enough for someone in a wheelchair who found himself in the floor, he called the ambulance  they came and took me to the hospital.


I would spend the whole day in the hospital,  without any one knowing what is going on with me, late that night a Doctor who will  save my life, would pick it up and figure  out that something is wrong with my speech, I would mix up word order in a sentence without realizing, so he sent me to do a cat scan,  that would show that I had a brain aneurysm (cerebral subdural hematoma usually associated with traumatic brain injury.) he later told me that with the amount of blood in my brain, I should have been in a Coma,  instead I was joking with him, making fun out of my situation, he would operate that night and save my life, I would come out of the operation unscaved ( well not really) the first few days would be unreal, I would feel all kinds of weird things, but that was my brain playing tricks on me, one particular thing that had me question my sanity, was that I would feel that I am pivoted over the bed and would look at the floor and would jerk back as if I was falling, I knew I was laying in the bed, but my body felt as it was standing, I also knew that I was Paralyzed, so I could not stand, the next thing that had me startled was that when I would close my eyes, I can still see, for example:  I would be talking to someone and close my eyes, I could still see that person, but it will be the zombie version of that person, or even at night when there was no one around, it would be the bad version of emptiness, it was frightening to the point where I would not close my eyes, eventually I would learn that this was normal and I was not the only one with this types of  visions.

Hospital with my family
don’t laugh at my hat it was not my choice of color 🙂

There was an older guy in the room with me who had the same problem, when I asked him, he was like “I thought it was only me so I didn’t say anything thinking that people would think I am crazy!!”so hence the proof that I am not crazy…

Eventually I would gain my senses and then I noticed that I was tied up, so I was like what the hell, the nurse on that time was an evil person, so when I asked her, why I was tied up? she told me cause you deserve to be tied up, I was beginning to think maybe I did something, or said something, but I was wrong, she was just evil,  the other person that was in the room, told me that I didn’t say nothing to her or any one the whole time, or did anything bad , he told me that I made every one laugh with my jokes and funny jests, that I didn’t remember, the next day I would be a lot clearer and noticed that this evil person was just plain EVIL, one night around 3 am, the guy to the left of me who was also tied up, somehow untied himself,  he was young and I feel bad for him, I don’t know why he was there, cause he was not talking much, but what he did next was scary, he had a Foley    catheter on, and he got up from the bed , he was butt naked and he didn’t have any sense, when he got up he was walking away from the bed, and the catheter was tied to the bed, he got to the end of the hose and he would keep trying to move but  he was attached to it and the hose to the bag which was attached to the bed,  I could see in his face that it was hurting, so I tried to call the nurse but no one was coming, so I told him stop and he did(to my surprise) then I told him come closer and he did that too, I can see that the pain stopped, so I called the other guy that was in the room with me and he got up and got the nurse (the evil one) she was screaming at all of us, I was like what the hell is wrong with you, can’t you see that the guy is unresponsive to your screaming, and why the hell are you screaming at us, we doing your job here, I was tied up but would of loved to get my hands on this evil person, but as my gentleman’s attitude kicked in, I felt that anything I say or do to this person would not change her so ‘just keep quiet and don’t feed the fire.’  As the old saying goes.

My head wound would heal good and they would pull the drain out of it after 3 days (drain was placed in my head to drain the blood that was leaking in my brain. If interested look up “subdural hematoma drain” advice : if you have a weak stomach please don’t look it up.) at about the same time they untied me, I didn’t know how bad it was until they started  pulling  the drain tube out of my head, which looked like it was a meter long(not really but it seemed to me at the time) then for the first time I seen the bottle that blood was draining in, it looked big about a half liter ( one pint) maybe it was not that big, but to me it looked scary and huge, my recovery would begin soon after this, unknown to me but the night of the operation the doctor told my friend to contact  my next of kin, that’s usually bad news, so my friend contacted my family,  my sister Vera and brother Peter  would come, my brother John will  contacted everyone,  I think he called every person he knows here, which is cute in a way, few of this people would come to the hospital, like Leka Dedvukaj , my sister in law Zoja called her sister Mira who is the greatest person   in this land, she came and made sure the doctors was doing what they had to, she visited me every day, until my family came, and made sure I was ok, at this time I was really not completely  ok, I didn’t remember much.

My phone!! I blocked  accidently or someone did, trying to open it and by entering the wrong passcode to many times, the phone locked itself, so I was without a phone for the whole time I was in the hospital, and for some time after, while I was in the Hospital, the food was horrible not that I was hungry, the bathroom was not accessible, I could not get next to the toilet, I would risk falling every time I got close to it, no one was there to help me either, the nurses did not care or want to help anyone, I developed a bed sore, while I was unaware of myself, when I asked the nurse what happened? why I was not moved? she looked at me and told me that is not her job, I was like whose job is it? She just walked away, when I asked the doctor the next day, he told me that the nurses are not trained for that, so we just operate when someone gets a bed sore, I told him that is the last resort not the first, he looked at me and flatly told me that if that was the case, what would the doctors do…

Leaving the hospital.

I would sign myself out the first chance I get and fight this sore for 7 months to come, it will heal but slow and without operation, in situations like this you learn who you have and who you don’t have, my sister and brother really went out of the way, for me this time and every time, they came from US. Stayed here couple of weeks and took care of me in the beginning of this hardship of mine,  while I was in the hospital they stayed in my apartment, unknown to me at this time, but my landlord gave them a hard time, the first day they came, they asked my friend Tommy to show them the apartment and he did, the landlord and Tommy didn’t talk, so he started screaming at him cause he was at the apartment, well he had no right to do that, Tommy  was at my place and he can’t  and shouldn’t tell me who can come and who can’t come, well Tommy did the right thing and left, I would have slapped the lights out of him, but life be as it is, cannot expect humanity from a animal,  he never even asked if I am ok, and never came to the hospital or asked if I need anything, My sister and brother didn’t like my living conditions, the place was full of mildew,  the water leaked in on all the windows, in the middle of kitchen I had a puddle, the parquet in my bedroom was lifting and falling apart in few places, the landlord promised for 3 years that he will take care of it, but never did, while I was in the hospital my sister and brother found me a new place and about a week after I came out of the hospital, I moved to the new place, its where I live now.

My old landlord is mad at me, but I don’t care to much, it’s funny that my new landlord is not much better than the last one, the only good thing is that he doesn’t live in the house where I live, or near me, I have learned one thing in the last 7 years living here as the tenant, I have no right what’s so ever, the only right I have is to pay my rent and bills and never get anything from the landlord, well here are some laws from US:

–          Right to a Habitable Home

You have a right to “habitable” premises. This is a way of saying the apartment or house you are renting is fit to be lived in. You have a right not to live in a hovel(unpleasant). Most states do not let a landlord put language in the lease stating that you “waive” the right (that is, give it up). The following conditions could make premises “uninhabitable.”

  1. a) Ineffective waterproofing and weather protection of roof and exterior walls, including broken windows and doors.
  2. b) Plumbing facilities not in good working order, including hot and cold running water, not connected to a sewage disposal system.
  3. c) An electrical system, including lighting, wiring and equipment, must be in good working order.
  4. d) A working toilet, wash basin, and bathtub or shower. The toilet and bathtub/shower must be in a room that is ventilated, and that allows for privacy.
  5. e) A kitchen with a sink, which cannot be made of an absorbent material (for example, wood).
  6. f) Natural lighting in every room through windows or skylights. Unless there is a ventilation fan, the windows must be able to open at least halfway.

And here are some laws in UK as a tenant, you have the right to:

  • live in a property that’s safe and in a good state of repair
  • have your deposit returned when the tenancy ends – and in some circumstances have it protected
  • challenge excessively high charges
  • know who your landlord is
  • live in the property undisturbed
  • see an Energy Performance Certificate for the property
  • be protected from unfair eviction and unfair rent.

The landlord must:

  • Maintain the structure and exterior of the property.
  • Fit smoke alarms on every floor and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms using solid fuels – such as coal and wood – and make sure they are working at the start of your tenancy. If they are not there, ask your landlord to install them.
  • Deal with any problems with the water, electricity and gas supply.
  • Maintain any appliances and furniture they have supplied.
  • Carry out most repairs. If something is not working, report it to the landlord (or their agent) as soon as you can.
  • Give at least 24 hours’ notice of visits for things like repairs – the landlord cannot walk in whenever they like.


As it is seen from above text it is always better somewhere else, sun shines better at our neighbor, well it is sorry to say, there are no laws to protect the tenant in Monte Negro, especially people with disabilities, normally the landlord would never put someone like me thru this kind of thing, but some people see the Disabled people as weak, so they take advantage of them, the laws that exist no one follows them, it would be nice to have an agency to write a complain about all this, but be as it is, it will make no difference to the consumer, the laws and the government are designed to help the landlord and oppress the tenant.

I will get back to my story now, I left the hospital as fast as I could, I could not use the bathroom or shower the whole time there, I felt as I was going to explode,  now I had a bedsore to deal with and the head injury, it will be a long and windy recovery process, I will have to take a medicine for epilepsy called Phenobarbital, it will completely screw me up, the craziest thing was my doctor told me take this and we will see later if you can stop, I didn’t know how dangerous this is and how addictive it was, I would go thru hell to stop  taking it, my emotional state will be totally out of balance and I still have problems , even do I quit it sometime a go.

I would lose most of my muscle mass, my stamina and endurance, I will be away from working out and playing table tennis for about 4-5 moths, after about a month,      I developed an infection of some kind, my blood counts would sky rocket and I will be in some serious trouble, I did every possible test and no one figured out what it was, I was put in two types of antibiotics, one intravenous the other one was taken orally, it would take about 3 weeks to get this under control, till today we still don’t know what it was, I overcame it and that’s important, the inability  of doctors to figure it out is irrelevant,  I must say that my personal Doctor was great and she tried everything and her persistence is noted and appreciated, I am not a person to stay home and do nothing, I like action and moving, this time was real hard on me physically and mentally, but with the help of my family and my girlfriend, I overcame all of it, you all make me a better person and I salute you, there are those that don’t deserve a place in this story, therefore I will not write about you, you  know who you are, but the good deeds of my family will not be forgotten, also my team mate Pjetro and his son Patrik who came to the hospital and to my house many times and supported me thru this ordeal, I am thankful to you, my friend Marian and his brother Dujo ware there as always for me and I thank you, my childhood friend Adis was there day and night in the hospital and home after, the number of friends and family is so big that I cannot list all of you, but I thank each one of you and I hold you in my prayers always. Eventually I got back to training and all is well, I am gaining my strength back slowly, I am far from 100% but I will be there.

This story will be compared to another story from Canada just to see the similarities and differences that two places can have, I wish you a pleasant read.

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